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Why Choose Keto Activate

Try it and love it!
money back guaranteed.

And your purchase today is 100% guaranteed. That means for whatever reason within the next 90 days you can return your tubs of Keto Activate for a full refund -- even if they're completely empty. I want to make your decision to get your hands on Keto Activate 100% risk-free.

Twist open the tub, take in the aroma of sweet cocoa flavor. Try a scoop in your morning coffee for a jolt of energy to start your day. Stir some in a tall glass of milk to crush those late afternoon cravings. Or simply mix a scoop with some pure clean water, for nearly instant energy and an upsurge in your metabolism.

You're going to love how it makes you feel. If not, simply let us know by giving us a call, or simply sending an email to and our friendly support team will help you with whatever you need.

Dr. Gina Sam MD

Gastroenterologist - Leading NYC Gut Doctor

Your Story can be Next

Danil Zakirov

Renton, WA


“I’ve consistently lost pounds.”

Keto Activate helped me stay on track with the diet. Since starting the Keto Activate program, I’ve consistently lost pounds, had better sleep, more energy, better focus, and my mood has improved.

Alison Tugwell

Austin, TX


“Keto Activate™ helped me lose like 10 lbs of water weight the first week and an inch in my hips and chest.”

Keto Activate is delicious, nutritious and allows me to start my morning feeling focused and awake. I just blend with my coffee and grass-fed butter and voila! Quick breakfast. I think it would also be good as a milkshake mix! Yum. It’s a delicious way to satiate your sweet tooth while keeping you nourished, focused and energized all day! It’s helped keep me in ketosis, especially after I’ve had a couple cheat days. When I feel like if I stray from the diet, I can recover more quickly from cravings or energy dips.

Gabby Hirata

New York City, NY


“It gives me a boost of energy for the moments when I feel in a slump.”

Taking Keto Activate helped enhance the keto state, especially in the afternoon. I would fast until 3 pm, take the activate, and then head to work out. It gives a boost of energy for the moments when I feel in a slump. I actually think I'm too alert sometimes due to the fact I take it with an Americano. I also love to take Keto Activate before working out because of the boosted energy!

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